New Group Dental Options Brings Excitement to Boring Market


It's hard to get excited about group dental insurance.


In fact, we'd be worried if you were.

$1000 savings per month does make it more interesting.

That's what we're seeing for larger companies but all size companies can save.

With all the turmoil in the group health market, it's easy to just keep doing the same thing with dental.


There's been enough changes already!


The dental market has changed just as much and most companies are not aware of it.

To their detriment.

You can skip and run your full dental group quote here or read further.

Let's look at the new options available and the savings to be expected.

$10 - $15 Per Employee per Month, $30 per Family Savings


That's what we're talking about.


First, the lay of the land.


Dental for companies has either been a commodity (just get it with the health insurer)


Just get Delta or a large company like Principle, Guadian, etc.


In past years, that wasn't a bad approach since dental benefits and rates were so similar.


That's changed.


By far, the biggest player in group dental was Delta.

They are still dominant but we've noticed a shift in the market and we want to make sure you know about it.

It can save you significantly!

Premier Access Dental and Humana





Here's the deal.

Two big carriers have gotten really aggressive in the dental market.


You can benefit from this!


Let them fight it out if it means you get better or the same benefits for lower premiums.


On average, we're seeing savings of between $10-14 month for an employee and $30 for a family.


This really works for larger companies...say 15 plus employees.

for a company with 15 employees, the difference has average around $300/month for $3600/year!

That's real money.

Here's the best part...

We can usually get the same or richer benefits.

What's the deal...we fully understand that there's no free ride in the Universe and group dental is not exception.


Again, the carriers want market share. They're going after it.


Here how it works.


We go to them with an existing company and their dental plans/rates.


The carriers have leeway to individually price the new company's dental plan to meet or beat the offer and reduce the cost.

Maybe the dominant carriers have become complacent.


Again, 5 years ago, there was no reason to look any further than Delta or the big players in dental.

It was all pretty much the same product with small price differences.


$3600/year for a 15 life company is not small. Especially when health benefits doubled in cost from the ACA transition. to take advantage of this option.

Quoting the new group dental options


First, request your dental quote here.


We will quickly be able to run the numbers across all the major California carriers including:

  1. Delta
  2. Premier Access
  3. Humana
  4. Guardian
  5. Anthem Blue Cross
  6. Blue Shield California
  7. Kaiser
  8. Health Net
  9. Principle
  10. United

and more!

You'll get your proposal within 24 hours for most cases.

If we can't find you savings, you'll have the full market summary.

If we can find you savings, that's a different story.

You'll have a dedicated rep who can walk you through the entire process and address any questions you may have.


We want to make it easy!

As licensed California group health insurance agents with 20+ years experience, there is no cost for our services.

If we can find you a few thousand in group dental savings, well...that makes us pretty happy.


We'll also service your membership and account needs throughout the year.

Again, dedicate rep to address your needs.


Need #1 is finding savings.


Request your quote here to see what's available.

Call us at 866-486-6551 or request your Company Dental Quote.

Anthem group health quote
Blue Shield of California group health quote
Kaiser business health quote
Health net California business health quote
Aetna group health quote
and more

Thousands of Californians
Hundreds of California Companies


Thousands of Californians
Hundreds of California Companies

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